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You’ve got their school supplies, bags and uniform ready…but have you thought about their teeth? No doubt your child will be taking part in some type of sports activities throughout the school year, so you need to feel confident that their teeth and gums are kept safe whilst they’re doing their best to go for gold!

Here at Dental House, we offer bespoke and comfortable mouthguards, which are custom-fit in-practice to ensure maximum protection of your child’s teeth. Unfortunately, most people don’t realise the benefits of professionally fitted dental mouthguards vs the ‘boil and bite’ gumshields you can purchase in high-street sports shops. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the benefits of the comfortable custom-made mouthguards available at the Dental House practice in Surrey.

Over-the-counter sports mouthguards

There are two types of mouthguards that you can purchase in your local sports and convenience shops, including generic ‘one-size fits all’ guards and the popular ‘boil and bite’ gumshields. The problem with these DIY products is that there is no standard size for a child’s mouth and taking your child’s dental impression at home does not ensure a comfortable and safe fit.

A gumshield that hasn’t been moulded correctly to your child’s mouth can add trauma to their teeth should they have an accident on the sports field and irritate their tongue, gums, lips, and soft palate, causing them unnecessary discomfort. Luckily, the mouthguards made by the professionals at Dental House in Sunbury-on-Thames are more accurately fitting and more robust than ‘boil and bite’ gumshields.

Mouthguards made by your Dental House dentist

Wondering what size gumshield is best for your child? When it comes to your child’s oral health, don’t rely on guesswork. A mouthguard made by our dentists in Surrey ensures the perfect fit, comfortable wear and improved protection against trauma.

At your child’s mouthguard consultation, we will take a digital 3D scan of their dentition (instead of a messy and inconvenient impression), which is a quick and easy procedure that allows our in-house dental laboratory to subsequently create the mouthguard with incredible precision. As a result, your child’s professionally made gumshield will protect their teeth and gums and help prevent injury to the neck, jaw, and brain, even reducing the risk of concussion.

A Dental House sports mouthguard benefits younger children as we can make sure to allow space for erupting teeth meaning your child’s gumshield will retain a better fit for longer, even while their mouth is still growing!  For children playing at a more advanced level, our dentists will also take an impression of their lower teeth and create indentations to match this shape in the mouthguard’s under surface, adding further comfortability and effectiveness.

Rest assured, your child will be able to breathe and talk easily on the playing field with their choice of colourful and funky designed gumshield, which is named and CE kite-marked for your peace of mind.

So, whether they need a mouthguard for rugby, hockey or cricket, keep your child’s smile safe this school term with custom-fit gumshields from Dental House.

Right now, we are running mouthguard clinics every week to get your kids ready for their chosen sport! We have a 7-10 day turnaround on children’s mouthguards, so make sure to book an appointment at our Sunbury-on-Thames mouthguard clinic today – call us on 01932 239076 and ask to speak to Wendy or Alice.