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Did you know that National Smile Month is held annually across May and June? This period offers the perfect opportunity to think about how best you can keep your smile in top condition and revaluate your efforts in keeping your teeth and gums sparkling clean!

In honour of this important dental awareness month, we thought it’d be a great idea to answer your most frequently asked questions regarding dental hygiene treatment here at our Sunbury dental practice.

What is a scale and polish?

Scale and polish treatment is a gentle and effective technique used by dentists and hygienists to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. This treatment involves an electric scaler that removes hard tartar from the surface of your teeth, from below the gum line and from any hard to reach areas you may have missed during your daily toothbrushing. A mild jet of water washes away the debris before your hygienist moves to the polishing stage. Using a rotating brush and specialist paste, they will buff your teeth to a beautiful sheen, making your smile feel clean and fresh.

We also offer cosmetic stain removal in the form of AirFlow polishing. This treatment uses a fine jet of controlled compressed air, water and fine powder particles to gently remove plaque and stains left by coffee, tea or smoking. With this technique, no tools touch the surface of the teeth making AirFlow a very kind and painless tooth brightening process particularly if you experience dental sensitivity.

What can I expect at my first hygiene appointment at Dental House? 

Our friendly dental hygienist, Lucy, offers a comprehensive hygiene service meaning that, when you come in for your first appointment, your oral health will be thoroughly assessed before beginning a professional deep clean. Lucy can even provide smoking cessation, lifestyle and dietary advice to keep your smile brighter for longer at home! Your hygiene appointment will last from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on your dental needs.

Hygienist & Therapist

Lucy Harrison

Qualifying from Eastman Dental Hospital as a Dental Hygienist & Therapist, Lucy Harrison has over four years’ clinical experience working in private practice and hospital settings. Lucy always works to deliver the highest standard of patient-centred care, tailored to every individual’s needs.

Lucy works part-time at the Royal London Dental Hospital where she is part of a multi-disciplinary team to treat head and neck cancer patients. She is dual qualified which enables her to carry out fillings as well as hygiene treatment, for all patients, including those with complex special needs. She also has strong experience of delivering a range of treatment for children including fillings and extractions. Patients often remark on how approachable and friendly Lucy is in her work.

Can I book an appointment with a Dental House hygienist whenever I like? 

Yes definitely! You don’t need to wait for your next appointment with your dentist to see a hygienist. If you feel like your teeth could do with a professional clean in between your regular dental appointments, our hygienist Lucy will be more than happy to book you in.

How much does a dental hygiene appointment cost in Surrey? 

From comprehensive scale and polish and cosmetic stain removal to extensive periodontal treatment, at Dental House, we have several different hygiene options available with varying fees starting from £75. If you sign up to our Denplan membership scheme, your hygiene treatment is included in your monthly payments!

If you would like to book a dental hygiene appointment at Dental House, please call the practice on 01932 239076 or get in touch with us online here.